Evaporators are used to condense raw fruit or vegetable juices in a continual method. Sauces, purees, pastes, and other concentrates are made in evaporators. Juice is pumped into an evaporator effect, sometime know as a vacuum pan, where it is subjected to heat. The heated product is circulated thru a vacuum vessel where it flashes (boils) and vapor is removed. This concentrates the juice and it returns back to the heater for another pass. Evaporators can be single or multiple passes.

CFM Worldwide sells used evaporators, steam turbines, gearboxes, and circulation pumps. We commonly have inventory from the following manufacturers: L and A, Rossi Catelli, Fachini, Bellato, Gulf, Buffalovac, Deedert, FBM, APV, Schmidt, and Manzini.

If you can't find what you need here, please let us know. Many companies come to us for help in marketing their surplus. We may know of future used food equipment not shown in these listings that will fit your needs.